About Us

Alienating delinquent customers, and sacrificing the possibility of good business relations with them in the future, is unacceptable to your company. Today's collection laws, already greatly biased in the customer's favor, frustrate the Credit Executive at every turn.

But harassment from a collection agency, giving even greater advantage to the debtor, weakens your position still further.

We at JMC understand that our client's cost of acquiring new customers and the levels of competition that every company faces daily has never been higher. The loss of customers through overly-aggressive collection actions or statements, then, should be "the unthinkable."

These will never occur at JMC because our collection specialists are thoroughly trained in techniques designed to collect the bill while protecting the company's good will. Overly aggressive techniques are never tolerated. We know that if we treat your delinquent customers with respect and courtesy, no matter how difficult the collection, you will eventually learn about it, and at JMC that kind of good will is our way of doing business.

We believe that no collection situation requires or justifies any less than total, courteous conduct of our business on your behalf, and professional, courteous discussion with your customer.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a superior receivable management services that is at all times professional, experienced, and committed to the highest level of integrity. Built upon respect for our employees, our clients, and their customers; every member of the Joseph, Mann & Creed family works to make this their mission. Successful application of this philosophy is the foundation of continued confidence of our clients, and the successful operation of Joseph, Mann & Creed.

Compliance and Certifications

JMC is a licensed to operate in all 50 states.




SSAE 16 verifies that JMC has the proper accounting controls and processes in place to ensure data integrity throughout our operations.  This certification is put into place by a CPA-Administered group who performs third-party audits


The International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) is an International trade association comprising of more than 240 collection specialists and 160 commercial attorneys.  With members throughout the US and in more than 20 International countries, IACC is the largest organization of commercial collection specialists in the world.


 The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA).  The ACA ties together the entire credit and collections cycle, which is critical to the world’s economy.  ACA’s membership is inclusive of collection professionals, asset buyers, attorneys, creditors, and vendors in more than 55 countries.  ACA members return billions of dollars to the economy each year, ensuring that the use of credit remains available to consumers.