Customer Focus

The Elimination of Non-contingent Suit Fees

This groundbreaking concept is an integral part of JMC's philosophy: that litigation need not be the default reaction to difficult collections. Lawsuits are a last resort. There will never be a non-contingent suit fee adding insult to injury.

Nearly one in three claims placed with commercial collection agencies results in litigation, an example of the industry's "least common denominator" syndrome. JMC does not subscribe to that syndrome and neither should you. Litigation SHOULD NOT be recommended one-third of the time, and With JMC, it won't be.

The Handling of Your Most Difficult Accounts

Any collection agency will bring in your easy-to-collect accounts. To earn a spot on your "Most Admired Companies" list, however, an agency must collect the most difficult ones-those you thought would never be collected. You know how agencies traditionally collect those-a few progressively threatening phone calls or letters. Our strategy is to re-assign the seriously-delinquent account to a second, or even a third collector if necessary. At JMC, we know that a change in voice, tact, or attitude often allows a different collector to succeed where previous ones could not.

This strategy is comparable to the "power presentation" psychology of sending more than one sales executive to close a major account. Your sales manager often does that if the first rep fails to close; why should the credit executive deploy a weaker strategy to collect a large, difficult account? Until now, the collections industry has forced American businesses to settle for that kind of mediocre effort.

Unlimited Flexibility

Our leading edge software allows you unlimited flexibility. From our remittance and status reports to our statistical analyses, reports can be produced into whatever format is your preference. No longer must you put up with reporting that is not EXACTLY the way you want it.