Business Collection Services in

Cleveland, OH


Commercial debt collection is a complex and often frustrating process. If people owe debts to your business and refuse to pay, Joseph, Mann & Creed provides the business collection services that bring you the money you are owed.

Who We Are

Joseph, Mann & Creed's headquarters are in Cleveland, OH, but we manage business collection accounts from around the world. Wherever your business or customers are located, we have the experience and resources to collect your debts.

Since 2001, we have negotiated with our clients' customers to come to an agreement that satisfies both parties and, most importantly, collects the debts people owe you, while maintaining your reputation. We understand that your reputation is in many cases your business, so we strive to resolve debt claims without sullying your good name.

We've structured our services around our combined 65 years in the collection industry to give you effective and respectful service. We treat your customers right and collect your business debts.

What We Do

We are a third-party, contingency-fee collection agency, which means that we handle all interactions relating to the collection of your business's debts and you don't pay a cent until we collect. Even our litigation services are on a contingency basis, if they prove necessary.

The partner assigned to your account becomes an integrated part of your business strategy to help you meet and exceed your business's accounts receivable goals. We are committed to improve the financial situation of your business and simplify the debt collection process.

Our services are transparent and rooted in our custom problem-solving, mediating, and negotiating techniques that we refined over our decades in the collection industry. We are client-centered because business collection are more than about the money - they're about you.

If your business needs debts collected, call Joseph, Mann & Creed in Cleveland, OH, at (216)-831-5626. Take advantage of our business collection services today.