Collection Services Based in Cleveland, OH

We at Joseph, Mann & Creed (JMC) are a global collection agency/accounts receivable management company that is committed to helping you get results. We understand that your top priority is your reputation, so we will treat your customers with respect while ensuring your company succeeds in its collection.

Our Collection Services

Our team stresses problem-solving, negotiating, and mediating with your customers to resolve their debts. Doing this allows you to maintain goodwill with your customers and produce higher recovery percentages. For you, that means we can provide more dollars collected at a lower overall cost.

Billing and invoice generation:

  • Client defined reporting

  • Ad-hoc reporting

  • Call recording and monitoring

  • Zero charges for withdrawn accounts or adjustments

  • Zero charges for asset research

  • Zero charges for skip-tracing

  • Third party contingency, pre-collection, and outsourcing programs

  • Litigation services with no legal management fees

  • Personalized client services

Through all of this, we give you complete transparency on our work. We will help you keep your accounts balanced by contacting your customers when they are falling behind on payments.

We offer you complete flexibility with these services, so choose what you wish. Our professional collection team will be standing by to help you.

Our Adaptive Approach

We understand that every business is different, so we use an adaptive approach to collecting that ensures your success. Using collector metrics and reports, we determine who among our staff is best suited to aiding your business. This means that you will always know who you are calling and that they will understand your business. We at Joseph, Mann & Creed are dedicated to your success.

Though we are based in Cleveland, OH, we offer our services worldwide. We at Joseph, Mann & Creed are licensed and bonded in every state that requires it. We are always available to hear your concerns and questions, so give us a call today at (216)-831-5626.