Projects Overview

Below is a ongoing list of client request we have for major projects. These projects include implementations internally and externally that we have fulfilled based on clients needs.


Project Web Crawl (Using Google API)


Recently, we had a question come up with how Phone numbers are determined to be correct when a file is placed. Sometimes, clients are provided incorrect phone numbers/Addresses from accounts on how to reach these numbers. We currently have several tasks to determine correct phone numbers on these accounts, however, what happens when none of these lookups return results? This is were we created a application to fill in the gap!


XML Processing Application


One of our clients had requested if we could support XML documents instead of the usual Excel/Text files we normally placed. This was something new that JMC has never fully implemented in a full automated environment before. We have a stand alone application that handles XML documents.... but as a per-placement use as the files were received via email. So we set out to fully automate this process!