How do I place an account with Joseph, Mann and CreeD?

You can call us, fax us, write us, or go to Request a Quote to reach out to us on the steps to placing a account with us.

What information do you need from me in order to start working on an account?

Basic statement information is all we need initially, along with invoice dates, name of the company owing you the money, balance owed, city, state, zip code, and phone number. Copies of any available contracts and pertinent correspondence are also helpful, though not necessary at the time of placement. We can ask for these items later if needed.

Can I audit my accounts on-line?

Yes, once a company is a client of JMC we will explain how you can audit your accounts on-line.

Do you take electronic placements?

Yes, you can place an account with us through any available electronic method. We currently have clients sending us XML, Excel, and Text files. These are preferred, but not required. You can reach us at our main telephone number, or email us at more information.

Can you handle litigation if that is deemed necessary to collect an account?

Yes, we can. And, unlike other collection agencies, there will not be a non- contingent suit fee charged on accounts that require litigation. However, litigation is rarely needed. In fact, JMC recommends suit on less than 1 in every 100 claims placed with us for collection. When the need arises, of course, we will handle the claim all the way through the litigation process.

Do you do international collections?

Yes, we do international collections all over the world for many of our clients.

How do you remit to clients?

We remit net, early in the month following any transactions. Should you need a different type or schedule of remittance, please contact us at our main telephone number, or email us at