Who Is Joseph, Mann & Creed?

Joseph, Mann & Creed (JMC), established in January 2001, is a global accounts receivable management company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.  The principals of JMC have spent a combined 65 years in the collections industry and along the way have learned what clients want and, just as importantly, what they don’t want out of their collection agency.  Our partners were, and continue to be, committed to creating a client centered collection agency, where pleasing our clients is the number one priority. This approach ensures the least amount of complaints and exposure, while also collecting more than our competitors. 

The demands of today’s challenging and unpredictable business climate have made the effective management of your accounts receivable more important than ever.   To meet that challenge successfully, companies benefit from using more than just a typical, “bare bones” third party collection agency. Here at JMC, you will find we offer our clients so much more. We are a full-fledged, credit‐to‐cash, receivable management outsourcing company.  The partner you choose will be an important part of your business strategy, and an integral part of your company’s success. JMC is committed to helping our clients meet and exceed its accounts receivable goals through a variety of proven, effective strategies.

We recognize that every business is different, so our adaptive, industry specific approach to training and collecting is critical to our success.  We have developed reports and collector metrics that help us determine which members of our staff are best suited to collect on your business. Using this information, we are able to put our employees in the best position to succeed for you.

JMC understands that while collections may be a numbers‐driven, results‐oriented business, our clients are also concerned about their reputation. Our collectors will treat your customers with respect and at the same time will use a no‐nonsense method of negotiating. 

Experts in Collection Diversity

JMC has a balanced mix of collection business across a variety of categories.  Industries served include (but not limited to) accounts receivable of all types:

•      Cable/Satellite

•      Professional Services (Law Firms, Accountants)

•      Residential and Commercial Security

•      Banking

•      Insurance Services

•      Sports and Entertainment

•      Travel and Hospitality

•      Gaming

•      Business Services

•      Commercial and Consumer

•      Domestic and International

•      Media

•      Newspapers

•      Education

•      E‐Commerce

•      Industrial 

•      Point of Sale

•      Telecom